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Restaurants are too busy to get in on the social media scene. Or are they? National Restaurant News reports:


coffee rant

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As I’m sitting at Bouchee on Newbury enjoying a flatbread pizza and then a cup of coffee and updating this blog, I realized what a hypocrite I am. I love having coffee after a meal and taking my time leaving a restaurant. I did this on my lunch break from my restaurant.

An inside look: As servers we hate brewing coffee- Or tea, or hot chocolate, or any other beverage that requires more than one cup.  It takes up room on our tray, it’s heavy, and preparing the drink is always a process. Sometimes we try to serve you half-hour old coffee. This never works because not only will we have to visit your table again when you call us over to complain, but, we will also have to brew a fresh pot and then return to your table for a third time. I personally have learned from this experience.  Secondly, most times people order coffee (with the exception of breakfast places, who by the way, always have fresh coffee so this excludes them) are ordering at the end of their meal. The last thing we want is for you to pay $2.50 for a cup of coffee and sit for half an hour. 20% on $2.50 is 5 cents. This means, we are making 5 cents for that amount of time that you decide to sit at our table. Time = money, always.

In conclusion, I am not suggesting to never order coffee after a meal at a restaurant, I clearly do it. I am simply suggesting that if you want to avoid the occasional eye-roll, or if you frequent this particular restaurant often, I would recommend getting coffee elsewhere or prepare to fork over the money

A guide on how to get into the hottest restaurants

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Step-by-step guide on how to weasle your way into the hottest restaurants in town

Up-selling 101

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New to the industry?  You will quickly learn that serving is not just about going through the motions and collecting a tip at the end of a meal. Tips are well earned and the more you get to know the industry, the more you will realize that up-selling is an essential factor to succeeding as a server.

-Always have appetizer and drink suggestions that sound appealing for your customer

-Suggest these even if your customer does not appear to be interested

-If they order an alcoholic drink give them two options of top-shelf liquor

-Make sure your descriptions sound appealing

-Always have a vegetarian option in mind

-While collecting menu’s after an order ask if they would like a soup or salad (or some other starter depending on your restaurant)

-Bring over the dessert menu after you have cleared plates. Physically seeing a menu will give them incentive to order something

-Give mouthwatering descriptions

-Know your menu well

-Speak honestly about your opinion on really good food

Peekaboo Mobile

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Introducing the most contemporary and revolutionized way to search for coupons-a mobile application called Peek-a-boo, “where deals find you.” This mobile app is currently available for iPhone and iTouch users where deals in your surrounding area actually find you.  The GPS built in your phone surveys the vicinity you are in and displays available coupons and deals nearby. Buy one coffee get one free? Unlimited soup and salad? Or maybe even 20% off drinks between 5-7. Hmm, I’ll take it.

This is a great mobile application that is beneficial for both consumers and restaurant owners (and servers for that matter). Consumers can find the best deals by simply walking down the street while businesses can easily modify specials or daily deals based on traffic for the day. What a unique and interactive real-time solution for businesses. Imagine, a way for businesses to turn around their sales for the day by simply signing up for this application and updating deals. Or even a chef’s solution to discarding the least amount of food that will potentially go bad. Why wouldn’t you sign up?

From a consumer’s standpoint, technically…you should never have to pay full price for anything again. I personally would love to be able to find quick and easy deals, especially when I’m pressed for time on lunch breaks or am low on cash. This is also an opportunity to try new restaurants and not feel guilty paying full price for things. Everyone loves a good deal, right?

Sign up. Download it for free. Boom, done. Problems solved

Japan develops new addition to waitstaff

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Servers- a monkey can do our jobs…

Food for thought

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“Food has replaced sex in my life and now I can’t even get into my own pants